A Clear Plan for Success

Success starts with a clear plan. Reducing the stress that comes with moving is important for a healthy and happy family. Leigh and his team are dedicated to communicating a clear plan with realistic expectations to help you reach your goals to move quickly and get the best price for your home. 


Enjoy The Process

Can moving be enjoyable? If you have a clear plan in place and confidence that your realtor will get you top dollar, you can spend more time packing and preparing for your next chapter.

Leigh and Lindsey are committed to reducing the stress of the moving process and have even treated clients to a peaceful and enjoyable night out in the midst of the ‘chaos’. This is a perfect time to reflect, plan and create a vision for your future. 


3 Step Process


Clear Plan for Top Dollar

Leigh works directly with each client to create a clear plan and timeline for selling your home quickly, for top dollar. The first stage includes: 

  • Determining highest possible listing price

  • Creating a realistic timeline

  • Identifying any changes to be made in the home

  • Clear communication plan and weekly follow up


Marketing & Staging

Leigh uses proven strategies to prepare your home and market in creative ways to increase exposure and ensure a quick selling process. He will walk you through every step which includes:

  • Personalized Staging based on your home

  • Professional photos

  • Digital and print marketing

  • Open Houses

  • Feedback and insight from each showing


Start Packing

Leigh handles the work of receiving and negotiating offers while you focus on packing and moving into your new home. In this final exciting stage you can expect:

  • Leigh to negotiate the best price for your home

  • Accepting and finalizing offer

  • Attorney review and inspection

  • Closing day and follow up moving process


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