Creating a clear plan to get you moved quickly, 
and at the best price!


Most people want to sell their home quickly, and of course at the best price. However, they may not be sure exactly how much their home is worth or how to avoid the stress and uncertainty that comes with moving. 

Leigh will partner with you to create a clear plan to help you get moved quickly, and for the best price.



Leigh Marcus

Meet your neighbor. Leigh and his family both live and work in the neighborhood. Whether out with the dog, or walking the girls to school, he is on top of real estate trends, housing values and knows exactly how to get you moved quickly. 

Leigh has helped over 1000 families to buy and sell their home, with a median turnaround time of 21 days. He creates a clear plan that will give you the confidence to start packing.



Looking to sell for as much as possible but don’t know how high you can list your home or what changes, if any, are worth making?


With Leigh on your side, you can be assured he won’t leave any of your money on the table, will minimize the stress and uncertainty, and deliver a quick turnaround based on your timeline. 

Having kids themselves, Leigh & Lindsey work directly with you to understand what is most important for your family and then create a clear plan for reaching your goals.

Working Together


3 Key Stages

We're with you through every stage of your move. 
We've helped over a thousand families navigate the moving process, so they could start packing.

Clear Plan & Timeline

Leigh works directly with each client to create a clear plan and timeline for selling your home quickly, for top dollar. The first stage more

Marketing & Staging

The team uses proven strategies to prepare your home and market in creative ways to increase exposure and ensure a quick selling process which includes...see more

Start Packing!

We handle the work of receiving and negotiating offers while you focus on packing and moving into your new home. In this exciting stage you can expect...

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