Hamilton Elementary

Hamilton, a school in high demand, is located in the West Lakeview neighborhood at the corner of Ashland and Cornelia. Hamilton offers “Essentials” classes since they believe in developing the whole child and their arts classes play a vital role in achieving this goal. Their students have an arts classes every day be it Multimedia Arts, Music, Visual Art, or Dance.

Search homes within the boundary lines of Hamilton and take a tour of this fantastic school!

at a glance

At Hamilton, they are dedicated to fostering the academic, social and personal growth of their students. Through a rigorous academic curriculum that integrates the fine arts, staff, parents and the community will help prepare all of their students to succeed in high school and beyond.

Hamilton is a neighborhood school and accepts all students living in the attendance area at any time.

Additionally, they are a fine and performing arts magnet cluster school. This means they are a neighborhood school which accepts students from outside our attendance area through a lottery. 


tour hamilton

Join Hamilton for a tour of their beautiful school. Tours are offered on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8:30-9:30am. They have more frequent tours in April & May.

Please check our calendar to confirm your date and then join us!


Meet the principal

Dr. Amy Vondra

I passionately believe that all children can learn and have the right to a quality and engaging education. Students learn best when they are in an encouraging supportive environment; when they can connect new information to things they already know; when they are allowed to be creative and make choices about activities and assignments; when parents are involved in their education; when they can connect with positive adults. Focusing on the whole child, while imposing high expectations and utilizing evidence-based practices, results in successful schools like Hamilton. Student learning improves when you raise expectations, support teachers, and build a collaborative climate that is focused on learning and progress for all that are part of the school community.