What to Expect From the 312 RiverRun Project

Today, I’d like to offer some insight into the exciting 312 RiverRun project. Let’s discuss.

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Today’s video comes to you straight from the New Riverview Bridge. This bridge is incredible in and of itself, but it’s actually part of a larger project called 312 RiverRun—the goal of which is to create an uninterrupted path from Diversey Parkway all the way up to Lawrence Avenue. The new section you see in the video above includes a biking, walking, and jogging path stretching between Addison and Irving Park. Ultimately, this $25 million project is set to ensure the safety of all pedestrians, all while connecting numerous area neighborhoods. Once complete, this project will span 95 acres and provide easy access to several amenities provided by the Chicago Park District, including baseball fields, fitness centers, boathouses, playgrounds, and more. For more information, click here.

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