Are You Getting a Lot of Showings But No Offers?

Did you price your home correctly when you listed it? You can easily tell by how many people are coming to showings.

As a seller, how do you know if your home is well priced?

A good rule of thumb is the number of showings you are having per week. If you are getting three to five showings a week in the first few weeks on the market in a higher-end bracket, that is a good amount.

For the mid-range price bracket, five to eight showings a week in the first few weeks is a good indication that you are in the range where you need to be in price.

If you are showing your house but have no offers, you might not be priced correctly.

Finally, for the lower end of the price range, eight to 12 showings per week in the first few weeks indicates that you are priced correctly.

In the spring market, it is only taking about three to four weeks to have an offer. So if you are getting roughly those amounts of showings for your price range and no offer, that usually means you might not be priced correctly at that point.

If you have any questions about pricing your home correctly or anything else related to real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Written by Leigh Marcus on May 31, 2018. Posted in Real Estate

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