3 Ways to Protect Your Rights as a Landlord

What are your rights as a landlord in the City of Chicago?
Today attorney Robert Kahn joins us to explain.


Understanding your rights as a landlord is critical. According to attorney Robert Kahn. who has been practicing for over 20 years, there are three pieces of advice things every landlord should follow:

1. Don’t take a security deposit. The landlord-tenant ordinance in Chicago carries a lot of penalties in regards to improper conduct for pet and/or security deposits. Instead, consider charging a non-refundable moving fee. Just make sure that if you do pursue this option, the conditions of this fee are adequately stated in the lease and that the tenant fully understands the agreement.


Knowing your rights will only go so far if you don’t make sure those rights are upheld.


2. Know your rights. The city’s RLTO (Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance) provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of all your obligations and rights as a landlord. You can find the full text of Chicago’s RLTO here.

3. Don’t sleep on your rights. Knowing your rights will only go so far if you don’t make sure those rights are upheld. It’s crucial that you are proactive in carrying out processes, like evictions, before it becomes necessary for them to go to court.

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Written by Leigh Marcus on August 16, 2018. Posted in Real Estate
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